April 19, 2018

 I think everyone should have the opportunity to preserve themselves at their prime. At least for me, I feel that when I look back at my photos at 70, I want to think damn look at me I was a fire ball (as I start to sing fireball by Pitbull) lol. But no really, I think having your greatness preserved is a wonderful way to stay motivated and feel good about yourself. I think we all want to feel sexy... Am I wrong?


Now I know what your thinking, That's a professional model there's no way I could do that but I'm here to say "Yes you can hot stuff" you have it in you. I know deep down inside your wondering about how fun and exciting it will be to see your self all sexy like those "bad girls" on TV or Social media now.

AND It's okay to feel this way... in fact I encourage it! Why not let loose and release your inner Bombshell? Don't be shy hahaha. And if you have a mister or a sister at home you can share the excitement with them.


Now I'm not saying release all your inhibitions and join a nudest colony (unless you want to)lol... I am saying, That it's okay to let loose some times and appreciate the beautiful body you where given. Feeling sexy is a great way to energize your passion for life and realize how lucky you are to be so damn fiery. I think a large reason for unconfident people is that they feel that their so far from what they would like to be that they just don't even try. I'n my opinion that's a pretty shitty mindset. So how can we fix this??? 


First, put something nice on or get some sexier underwear and just feel good about it. Then, Realize that we are live creatures and we need live energy to be put into our bodies so don't eat too much dead crap or you'll inevitably look like dead crap. Third, you need to shift your mindset. Be more confident and try not to say too much bad things to yourself about yourself. Lastly, Get your sexiness preserved by me and feel great about it when your 70 and even sooner! 


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