August 8, 2018

People seem to believe that the progress of technology, with regard to cameras, is causing photography as an ART to die. I however extremely disagree and this is why... If you have an eye as a true photographer, your perspective specifically can make the simplest scenes seem impeccable and outstanding. Your perspective is signature to you and only you can show us how you see them. Now there may be similar variations in the style of photographs between photographers, but we can all tell the difference between straight up copying and an inspired remix. 


I think with the advancement of technology, it has allowed us to be more involved in the entire process of photography. From the first click of the shutter to saving it after a lengthy post process.  Even editing bulk photos have become less monotonous thanks to programs like Lightroom, and even photoshop has new settings that can apply multiple edits on multiple photos( with limitations) but we're getting there. I think this update in technology just gives people that want to work hard as a photographer a great chance to make it in the industry. It also greatly reduces the cost of production so that we can actually eat off of this work. 


Lastly, I think with the massive change in how this generation maneuvers the world photographers will become more essential in everyday life. People that don't really like this "artsy" stuff and aren't generally considered creative will want to hire you.  I want to leave you with a tip! I think in this day and age all photographers should have a drone in our inventory. (I should take my own advice because I've been asked multiple times if I had a drone)  A drone makes you way more hireable and gives you flexibility in all angles... hence giving you stunning visuals your clients will drool over. 


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